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Research paper - 1 Introduction Over latest decades there...

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1. Introduction Over latest decades there has been an enormous attempt to place their children in school. Educational achievement, especially primary and high school education, is recognized as one of the major vehicles for spurring economic growth and improving living standards. Therefore understanding what factors efficiently improve student learning is of crucial importance. Recent studies have tried to determine the factors that are attributed to high performance. Student performance in High School is dependent on many factors. The goal of this paper is to estimate the factors that effect student’s performance at public schools. For my analysis I used the data from 1993 for 408 students from Michigan’s high schools. The data set includes information on student’s performance based on achievements in math and science classes. 2. Background Much research has been done in the field of academic achievement and many authors have given their suggestions about the factors that influence students within the school environment. Research has provided evidence that over the past thirty years, the performance of public school students on standardized tests has declined in the areas of mathematics and reading. This performance decline nationwide has engendered widespread concern about the quality of public schools (Hanushek, 1991; Lingenfelter, 2003). As a consequence, academic learning has become an important national priority in the business and educational community. School district policy makers are advocating
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and demanding higher academic standards. National and state level teacher associations have also voiced concern and called for high academic standards. Thus educational accountability has become a worldwide priority with accountability systems under scrutiny (Lingenfelter, 2003). Secretary of Education, Richard Riley (1997) stated: I challenge every school district to adopt high standards, to abolish social promo o this, the American public education system is also being challenged to raise the preparation levels of children for the jobs of the future. Higher standards of learning, student achievement, and job preparation are being evaluated by accountability efforts which include the administration of standardized assessments nationwide” (Reigeluth, 1997). In 2010 tests were conducted to measure Florida's accountability efforts include the administration of the state-developed Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test (FCAT) for all public school children in grades 3-10. Test results from the FCAT revealed that
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