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TV Violence-1 - Emilia Skupiewska-Drozd Soc 716 Dr. Mindy...

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Emilia Skupiewska-Drozd Soc 716 Dr. Mindy Rhindress Children and television violence I. Research Objectives A major topic of conversation nowadays is whether or not violence on television causes children to behave more violently. Shortly after I began to research this topic, I realized that it is not a clear-cut issue. Evidence can be easily found to support each side of the argument. A lot of research has been done on how much TV influences peoples’ behavior. Several studies confirm that violence children see on television can cause them to be violent in their later lives. Research estimates that every child sees many thousands of acts of violence before reaching adulthood. Children from the ages of 6 to 11 years old spend more time watching television than they do in the classroom. The level of violence that they see on prime time television approximates five violent acts per hour, while the level of violence on Saturday, including cartoons and other morning programming, is about 20 to 25 violent acts per hour. At this rate, the average American child will see 8,000 murders before he/she finishes elementary school! We have to remember that the entertainment media plays an extremely powerful role in the formation of values and morals in youngsters' minds at all ages, from all socioeconomic levels, and at all levels of intelligence. These
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TV Violence-1 - Emilia Skupiewska-Drozd Soc 716 Dr. Mindy...

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