01-Introduction - • Special Functions - sin/cos/sqrt,...

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Prerequisites: ECE474 and CS210 Stuff I Should Know: Logic Families (gates in CMOS) Dynamic Logic (clocked, domino, etc.) Transistor Sizing (FO4, Logical Effort) Delay Estimation Arithmetic Circuits - Circuits that do some kind of math computation Topics: Number Systems Integer Arithmetic Fused Operations - Optimize for speed, not modularity Iterative Methods - Doing stuff in loops/multiple cycles
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Unformatted text preview: • Special Functions - sin/cos/sqrt, etc. • Residue Number Systems - Crazy number systems that get rid of addition carries, etc. • Floating Point Arithmetic - IEEE754 • Error Analysis • Interval Arithmetic • Signal Processing Blocks • Number Theory: Introduction to ECE5710: Arithmetic Circuits Monday, September 01, 2008 13:30 ECE5710 Lecture Notes Page 1...
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