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Chapter 21 Study Guide

Chapter 21 Study Guide - Alan Brinkley The Unfinished...

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Alan Brinkley, The Unfinished Nation : Study Guide Chapter 21: The Rise of Progressivism 1. The two “central assumptions” of Progressivism are progress and that purposeful human intervention was necessary to solve the nation’s problems. 2. The four Progressive “impulses” were: The spirit of “antimonopoly,” the fear of concentrated power and the urge to limit and disperse authority and wealth; a belief in the importance of social cohesion —that people are shaped by their environment and that the welfare of any single person is dependent on the welfare of society as a whole; a belief in organization and efficiency—the belief that social order was a result of intelligent social organization and rational procedures for guiding social and economic life; and a belief in the transformational power of enlightened public opinion. 3. The “muckrakers” were a group of crusading journalists who directed public attention toward social, economical, and political injustices. They were committed to exposing scandal, corruption, and
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