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BIO311D syllabus_Spring_2011 - Spring 2011 BIO 311D...

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Introductory Biology II Lecture: MWF 3:00p - 3:50p, WEL 2.246, Unique no. 49325-49340 BIO 311D is an introduction to concepts in the Biological Sciences, focusing on evolution, ecology and organismal biology. During this semester, we will organize our study into four modules: a) inheri- tance, phylogeny and the mechanisms of evolution, b) animal physiology, c) plant physiology and d) the interaction of organisms with their environment. Enrollment in this course requires Biology 311C with a grade of at least C- (or BIO211 and BIO212 with a grade of at least C- in each). Dr. Jennifer Moon, Instructor Aubrey Lashaway, Teaching Assistant OfFce: BIO 21 OfFce: BIO 405A OfFce Phone: 471-6658 Cell Phone: 419-212-0269 Email: [email protected] (preferred) Email: [email protected] Of±ce Hours held in BIO 118 : Of±ce Hours: M 12:00p-1:30p Tu 2:00p-4:00p Th 1:00p-2:30p Th 11:00a-12:00p or by appointment or by appointment Welcome! It is my hope that you do well in this course, with the goal of developing an enthusiasm for Biology. To that end, I will do my best to prepare clear lectures, to be available for questions, and to treat everyone fairly. Your end of the bargain entails showing up to class and taking responsibility for your learning. That means paying attention in class, asking questions, looking up unfamiliar words, attend- ing discussion section, and doing the readings and homework assignments. I invite everyone to at- tend my ofFce hours (see above) whenever you can. I hold *group* ofFce hours to answer your ques- tions in a classroom setting, so please don’t be intimidated! :) If you would prefer a one-to-one meet- ing with me to discuss a personal matter or a question about your grade, no problem! Just email me and we’ll arrange a time to talk. I’m looking forward to meeting you. Sincerely, Jen Moon Required Materials: Biology, 8th edition , by Campbell & Reece (2007). You can pick up this textbook at the UT Co-op, or online ( for a reduced price (~$95). Yes, the 7th edition will work, with some exceptions. You will also need to purchase an iClicker (available at the UT COOP) for in- class participation. We will also be doing homework assignments using MasteringBiology , an online homework system using your textbook. I have arranged to get you all *free subscriptions*, so no need to purchase access. More information about the online homework system will be given in class. Attendance Policy : Class attendance is not required, but is strongly recommended. And I’ll know if you’re not there. If you miss a class, please remember that you are responsible for obtaining any notes (including announcements) or materials covered in class. BIO 311D Introductory Biology II
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BIO311D syllabus_Spring_2011 - Spring 2011 BIO 311D...

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