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Group Members: Maria Bosquez, Parxann Counts, Valerie Lopez, Natalie Myers Date: 2/3/11 LI: Christina Hazard Unique: 48835 Day: TH Room: PAI 1.18 Lab Start Time 9:00 BIO206L Spring 2011 Exercise 3 Analysis To be completed as a group and turned in at the beginning of your next laboratory period. Include your “Data & Results”, sketches, acquired digital images, etc. as directed by your laboratory instructor. Show your work for all calculations and/or print your MS Excel data sheets. Be sure to include proper units where necessary. Adhere to University’s Honor Code and course policies. Balance between brevity and completeness. Q.# 1-10 1 point each Total 10 points (1) Answer the following questions concerning the use of immersion oil with brightfield micrsocopy. (a.)What is the purpose of immersion oil? The oil has a similar refractive index as glass thus is efficient at transmitting light passing through the specimen to the lens without losing too much light. (b.) For the microscopes used in this exercise, which objectives require the use of immersion oil? How can you tell? The 100X objective is the only objective that requires oil immersion on our microscopes. This is shown by the black band directly below the white band on the 100X objective. (c.) If an objective is designated for use with immersion oil, must it be used? Can immersion oil be used with other non-oil-rated objectives? The designated objective must use immersion oil and it is the ONLY objective which can use the immersion oil. The other objectives are not designed to handle the oil and could lead to damage of the microscope. (d.) Describe the proper way to place immersion oil on a slide and use it with your oil immersion objective. First focus the sample at high-dry (40x magnification) and ensure that the sample is in the center of the field of view. Then bring the nosepiece in between the high-dry and oil immersion objectives. There is a small beam of light coming through the slide. At that point drop one drop of immersion oil onto the slide. Then move the immersion oil objective around so that it is the only one the come into contact with the oil, ensuring that is does not hit the slide. (e.)Why must the focal plane never be adjusted when adding immersion oil? Moving the focal plane would be wrong because the stage and slide are so close to the objective in oil immersion, that there is no way to be certain that you will not make them collide, thus causing serious damage to the microscopes. (f.) After immersion oil has been used, what must you do before you can examine a slide again at lower magnification? After you are done with the immersion oil lens you must turn the nosepiece so that the 100x objective is just past the aligned position. Then take the slide off of the stage without spilling oil on any other parts of the microscope. Oil must be dabbed Spring 2011 Ex 3 Analysis Page 1 of 7
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Ex03_S11-Analysis - Group Members Maria Bosquez Parxann...

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