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Chapter 14 Learning Outcomes

Chapter 14 Learning Outcomes - Chapter 14 Learning Outcomes...

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Chapter 14 Learning Outcomes 1- Explain what leadership is. A leader is concerned with doing the right thing, and they encourage creativity and risk taking. What is more, leaders are concerned with expanding people’s choices and options, and they also inspire and motivate others to find their own solutions. Also, leaders are more concerned with an end which means what gets done. Leaders are critical to inspiring employees and setting the organization’s long-term direction. 2- Describe who leaders are and what effective leaders do. Leaders have drive , which refers to a high level of effort and is characterized by achievement, motivation, initiative, energy, and tenacity. Leaders always try to make improvements or achieve success in what they’re doing. Leaders also have a strong desire to lead; they want to be in charge and think about ways to influence or convince others about what or shouldn’t be done. Leaders also need to be honest ; honesty is being truthful with others, as when they are honest people are willing to overlook other flaws. Leaders should always have integrity which is the extent to which leaders do what they say they will do. What is more, leaders are self-confidence which is believing in one’s abilities; self-confidence makes leaders more decisive and assertive and more likely to gain others’ confidence. Finally, leaders have strong cognitive abilities, which is that they have the capacity to analyze large amounts of seemingly unrelated, complex information and see patterns, opportunities, or threats where threats might not see them. The two main behaviors that leaders should have are initiating structure and consideration.
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