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BIS 101 Notes 1-5-11 - BIS 101 1/5/11 Lecture 2 (no podcast...

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BIS 101 1/5/11 Lecture 2 (no podcast for now, may post one later) Chapter 2 I. Sickle Cell Disease a. A potentially fatal disorder caused by an abnormality in the structure and function of hemoglobin (Hb). b. SCD is associated with one of hundreds of Hb alleles. Frequencies of the variant alleles may differ among populations. c. It causes severe anemia and debilitating muscle pain. d. The sickle shaped red blood cells (RBC) block the flow of normal oxygen carrying RBCs in capillaries. It causes hypoxia, lack of oxygen. II. Hemoglobin a. Hemoglobin A (HbA) is the most common form of the protein and consists of two alpha- and two beta- globin polypeptide chains. A molecule of heme is bound to each chain, facilitating the binding and transport of oxygen. b. The alpha- and beta-globin **finish c. Each 4-member protein hemoglobin can carry 4 molecules of oxygen. d. Both alpha- and beta- have promoters, 3 exons, and 2 introns. i. Alpha is 141 amino acids in length, beta is 146 amino acids in length e. Normal allele is Beta^A f. Sickle cell causing allele is Beta^S i. It is a recessive trait that is fully displayed in homozygous individuals. 1. Heterozygous carriers have some sickle-shaped RBC but not enough to display phenotypic complications g. With a cross between 2 heterozygous carrier parents, the offspring would be ¾ dominant, ¼
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BIS 101 Notes 1-5-11 - BIS 101 1/5/11 Lecture 2 (no podcast...

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