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BIS 101 Notes 1-10-11

BIS 101 Notes 1-10-11 - BIS 101 Lecture 3(podcast still...

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BIS 101 1/10/11 Lecture 3 (podcast still broken, will put other sections lecture up) Chapter 3: Transmission Genetics *Take home quiz given today, due 19th I. Law of Segregation & Mendel’s Experiment a. Pure-breeding: (true breeding) the progeny will have the same phenotype as the parent, with no variation homozygous for the trait b. He had been one of the first to use modern day scientific method 1. Make observations 2. Form testable hypothesis 3. Design an experiment 4. Collect data (kept numbers *very important) 5. Interpret data 6. Develop conclusion c. Five critical experimental innovations 1. It is easy to grow and crossbreed 2. Crosses between plants can be controlled 3. It’s possible to select for dichotomous traits 4. It’s possible to use true-breeding strains 5. It’s possible to use replicate, reciprocal, and test crosses ii. He always began with pure-breeding forms iii. Reciprocal cross: pure-breeding pollen (GG) and pure-breeding egg (gg) always produces the F1 generation as Gg 1.
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