BIS 101 Notes 1-19-11

BIS 101 Notes 1-19-11 - B IS 101 1/19/11 Lecture 5 Chapter...

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BIS 101 1/19/11 Lecture 5 Chapter 2,3 from Book *Many pictures out of this days reading, take a look at when studying I. Cell Cycle a. Stages of asexual cell cycle i. M G1 S G2 M repeat 1. M=Mitosis, 1 2 daughter cells 2. G1=Gap 1 transcription and translation, all cells normal activity take place here 3. S Phase= DNA Synthesis a. Entry and completion into S phase means that it is going to divide 4. G2=Preparing itself for division ii. Every cell with a nucleus carries the exact same genetic information b. N=haploid number of chromosomes c. 2N=diploid number of chromosomes d. Human DNA has 46 chromosomes i. 44 autosomes and 2 sex chromosomes e. G1: i. ii. They both split into sister chromatids, each strand being cut apart iii. Single pair of homologous chromosomes become pair of sister chromatids 1. The sister chromatids are the products of DNA replication a. *chromatids=chromosomes but not vise versa 2. *Check book II. Mitosis (Simple Cloning of cells, autosomal cells) a. Interphase prophase metaphase anaphase telophase daughter cells (each 2N) b. [-------replication----------] [--------------segregation-------------------] III. Meiosis (only occurs in selected sex cells that undertake the production of
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BIS 101 Notes 1-19-11 - B IS 101 1/19/11 Lecture 5 Chapter...

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