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BIS 101 Notes 2-16-11

BIS 101 Notes 2-16-11 - just substituted Uracil for Thymine...

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BIS 101 2/16/11 Lecture 12 Chapter 8 MT2 from Genetic Linkage through Chapter 8 (No Chapter 10 from the Sample Chapters) I. Transcription a. Difference between ribose and deoxyribose is the lack of one oxygen b. Uracil is found in RNA, Thymine in DNA i. The difference is a methyl group ii. Opposite DNA strands can serve as a template for RNA iii. tRNA act as nucleic acids and carry amino acids towards the ribosome c. Overview of transcription Fig 8-4 i. Bubble of transcription is much smaller than DNA replication ii. “Nontemplate strand” is what the book calls the strand that isn’t the strand that is acting as the template, but Sanders calls it the “coding strand” iii. Many RNAs can be simultaneously transcribed from a gene d. We write the 5’ 3’ sequence of a gene is the coding strand, aka exactly what is being coded,
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Unformatted text preview: just substituted Uracil for Thymine e. The majority of our genome is repetitive sequences that don’t encode for protein synthesis f. How does RNA polymerase gets properly oriented to transcribe the sequence i. The transcript starts at the +1 nucleotide, but the start codon doesn’t begin for 5’ UTR (UnTranslated Region) g. [Promoter]+1[ 5’ UTR ][ATG……. .Coding sequence of gene ] h. [ Gene ] i. Transcription initiation in prokaryotes Fig 8-8 ii. A) RNA polymerase binding to promoter iii. B) Initiation iv. ***STOPPED PAYED ATTENTION HERE i. Figure 11-3 II. Promoters a. Figure 11-4 III. mRNA Processing a. Fig 8-16 IV. RNA Interference...
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