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Assignment_3_10pts (1) - involved in uptake of xenobiotics...

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Name : ETOX 102A Homework #2 (10 pts total) Turn in Completed Assignment (1 pt) DUE IN CLASS: Monday, February 7 th , 2011 Please answer the following questions in the space provided. 1). Colloids can be defined as a mixture of substances which can exist as particles or as dissolved matter in solution. Two types of commonly found colloids in the environment are hydrophobic and hydrophilic colloids. However, only hydrophobic colloids are capable of “salting out” and undergoing flocculation. Explain the differences between these two similar, but distinct forms of aggregations. (3 pts) 2). What is the difference between adsorption and absorption? Describe characteristics of cation and anion exchange processes in surface sorption. How would cation change be
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Unformatted text preview: involved in uptake of xenobiotics by plants? (3 pts) 3). A farmer used Pesticide X for the first time this summer on his farm because it was on sale. The farmer is concerned about his choice of switching pesticide brands because he does not understand the dissipation values written on the pesticide warning label. Knowing you are an up-and-coming toxicologist, he calls you and asks, What will happen after spraying my pesticide? The values you read are: H=1.2x10-6 and t 1/2 = 7 14 days. Given these values, what conclusions can you draw about how the pesticide will dissipate in the environment? (3 pts)...
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Assignment_3_10pts (1) - involved in uptake of xenobiotics...

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