Final comp project

Final comp project - What should I name the title of this...

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What should I name the title of this section? Feel like everyone is against you or you just can’t get out of this rut of bad luck? Well I have just the solution for you. Life Coaching. What can life coaching do for you? Life coaching can help you pinpoint your biggest challenges. No one has all the answer, surround yourself with core group of truly good friends that you can talk openly with it can help you to become a better you. We all know right from wrong but for some reason peer pressure gets us every time well it’s time to take a stand for you. In the long run you will meet new people have new best friends as you grow older and wiser don’t be that person that reflects back on life and says if I would have just listened the people that had my best interest in mind look where I could be. Know that nothing in life comes for free; but you don’t need to be a millionaire to live the life that you always dreamed of. Take a stand for yourself now, so that you can become all that you dreamed of. Introduction: Kody Reiners is an extremely intelligent and polite seventeen year old; who happens to be my cousins kid and someone that I spent a lot of time with when he was a kid; around the age of seven he moved to Minnesota from Iowa. After his fifth grade year not only did he enroll into a special honor school where he exceled in school taking High School classes as a sixth grader not only did he excel in the classroom, but also as a tight end on the football field. Life was going good for him, a perfect student good and a good athlete. Then the a bomb was dropped on him; his mom was getting a divorce and they were moving back to Iowa. Kodys life seemed forever changed, as he did not come back to Iowa the same kid that he was when he left 6 years before, his grades started declining, as did his relationship with his mom and other family members. The relationship with his mom got so bad, that it caused him to run away from home and later move into my parent’s house. Living with my mom and dad seemed to help, but only for a short time. He slowly started to lose their trust. Then he was caught on a video camera with some buddies in an incident that involved a couple hundred bananas and a kids car from another school. Three months into his junior year, he was arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia along with three of his friends that were involved in the banana incident. This is where were at today a good kid needing someone to show him the path down a road he will not regret. 1. Introduce yourself to your client: you will need to identify a person who needs help—this can be someone from history, fiction (books, television, movies), a celebrity, or someone from your life. Write an introduction to clarify who he or she is and why this person needs to embark on a helpful journey. (Unit 8 Scenario/Discussion)
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Final comp project - What should I name the title of this...

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