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Evaluation Essay - Movies - Kersten Zielinski Evaluation...

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Kersten Zielinski Evaluation Essay ENGL 111 MW 5:30-6:50 November 19, 2007 Metropolis v. Modern Times In their films Metropolis and Modern Times , Fritz Lang and Charlie Chaplin bring to motion picture their visions of an individual’s place in modern society. Industrialization has brought nothing but grief for workers. While the countries themselves appear prosperous, the individuals within that country suffer from unemployment, poverty, and hunger. Metropolis is a silent science fiction film by Fritz Lang. The film is set in the year 2026 amid the backdrop of incredible Gothic style skyscrapers. The metropolis society has been divided into two groups: above ground is the “better” class, the planners/thinkers, and below ground is the “lower” class, the workers. While the upper class gets to live a life of luxury, the workers strive to be able to obtain the life of those privileged and be able to live above ground. The movie follows Freder (played by Gustav Frohlich), the son of Metropolis's tyrannical leader, as he struggles to help the masses of workers with the assistance of a beautiful working-class spiritual leader named Maria (played by Brigitte Helm). Modern Times is comedy by Charlie Chaplin in which Chaplin stars as an assembly-line worker driven insane by the monotony of his job. After a long spell in an asylum, he searches for work, only to be mistakenly arrested as a Communist. Released after preventing a prison break, Chaplin makes the acquaintance of orphaned gamine (played by Paulette Goddard) and becomes
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Evaluation Essay - Movies - Kersten Zielinski Evaluation...

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