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History of Rock Top 50

History of Rock Top 50 - Brian Shoemaker History of Rock...

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Brian Shoemaker 11/23/2008 History of Rock Music Top 50 Songs of All Time 1. American Pie Don McLean (May 26, 1971, folk rock) - The perfect tribute to a group of musical pioneers who died young. The importance of this song is still interpreted differently in every generation after it was cut. 2. Free Bird Lynyrd Skynyrd (April 1973, southern rock) -A long song filled with guitar solos that rock fans dream about. Skynyrd develops a new sound. This song is still instilled in today’s culture. 3. Come Together The Beatles (July 1969, rock and roll) -The Beatles took the world by storm and this song has lyrics that make it hard not to sing. 4. Stairway to Heaven Led Zeppelin (December 1970, rock) -The mere fact that this was the most requested song in the United States shows this songs imperialism. A quick fact, it wasn’t even released in the U.S. The song itself can change someone’s life. 5. Bridge over troubled water - Simon and Garfunkel (November 1968, folk rock) -The vocals can soothe any bad day. This track really has a soul and Simon and Garfunkel share it with you in their story. The dramatic ending is almost theatric. 6. Piano Man Billy Joel (September 1973, piano rock) -A rocking piano coupled with an energetic singer makes this troubled story track a favorite. 7. Satisfaction The Rolling Stones (May 1965, rock and roll) -This track was originally thought to be too sexually suggestive. The daring to be different style of the Rolling Stones was a hit in the U.S. and still carries on through radios. 8. Wish You Were Here Pink Floyd (January – July 1975, progressive rock) -This song hits you on a personal level. It is directed at anyone who is missing a special person from their life.
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9. Purple Haze Jimmi Hendrix (January 1967, psychedelic rock) -As one of the most talented guitarist and performer, Hendrix shows his full potential in this track. 10. Like a Rolling Stone Bob Dylan (June 15, 1965, rock) -This song separated Dylan far apart from any other musician. This song changed how people would approach music. His youthful hold on the world is shown through this rocking song.
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History of Rock Top 50 - Brian Shoemaker History of Rock...

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