psych 421- notes # 26 - Intra-psychic conflict and...

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Intra-psychic conflict and defenses:- - Personality development What happens when id, ego, and super ego do not peacefully coexist? You get an intra-psychic (psychological conflict) =>this shapes one’s personality. Ego acts as a mediator between id and super ego. The ego pays attention to id impulses and should of morality of superego and it has to pay attention to reality. Mental illness-> is a lack of ego. Ego defenses (defense mechanisms) => ego uses this to deal with intra-psychic conflicts. Ego defenses all start with repression Repression=> barring unacceptable ideas, memories, desires from conscious awareness; going to crop up later. The defense mechanisms focus on distorting aim of idea, memories, desires into something that is okay with the superego. We repress to avoiding experiencing unwanted feelings. Defense Mechanisms:- happening from unconscious awareness 1) Denial=> denying some painful or anxiety provoking aspect of reality or of the self. Most maladaptive and most primitive (less adaptive) of the defense mechanisms; example-> denying death. 2) Projection=> attributing one’s unacceptable motives or characteristics to someone else. Example, if you are mad, ask someone “are you mad at me?”, example, husband that is cheating on his wife, accuses her of cheating.
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3) Displacement=> discharging pent up feelings; often anger on objects that are less dangerous than those arousing the feelings. Example, if you are mad at your boss
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psych 421- notes # 26 - Intra-psychic conflict and...

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