psych 421- notes #27 - Psychotherapeutic...

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Psychoanalysis=> it’s a method of psycho therapy; rare today. - It’s about free association- the aim is to get an understanding of the problem at early development. - Lying on a Freud couch- Freud sits behind the person on the couch=> can’t look at the therapist and get non verbal. Freud in perspective:- - He was incredibly influential – was on cover of Time magazine five times - Was a lightening rod- very thoughtful about human conditions? Main criticisms:- - Data collection came from patients in psychotherapy- not systematized. - Definition of terms- operational definition (manipulation of variable and measure of variables)=> for example- cannot operationally define transference or Oedipus complex. - Defense mechanisms- operationally defined. - Many of his concepts are untested because they are not operationally defined. - Dogmatism- he was dogmatic (he didn’t want to disagree with his ideas). - Overemphasis on sex=> he put too much emphasis on it. Example- he didn’t include socially or interpersonal drives. - Views on women- called them “dark continent”, he says their superego doesn’t develop- he ignored women’s role in society; focused on biology (penis envy). -
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psych 421- notes #27 - Psychotherapeutic...

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