psych 421- notes #28 - Freudian dissenters- psychoanalytic...

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Freudian dissenters- psychoanalytic social perspective:- Agreed with Freud about: - Unconscious that is motivational, prompts us to certain feelings and behaviors. - Childhood experiences- said it’s very important Independent from Freud:- - Psychoanalytic emphasized on intrapersonal relationships more than Freud; they talked about other people’s importance on an individual; Freud focused on parents. - Influence of social and cultural factors; said they help shape personality; Freud focused on biological factors. - Psychoanalytic social factors; Freud didn’t emphasize much on this. Alfred Adler (1870-1937):- Born in Vienna Wealthy parents- unhappy childhood- 2 nd son of 6 children0 he felt closer to his father than his mother (different than Freud here). Sickly- had rickets ( weak in bones) Unattractive and rejected by mother as opposed to his siblings Jealous of his older brother (Sigmund). Mediocre student0 struggled in math- all success due to hard work. M.D in 1895- almost dies with pneumonia as a child.
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Decided to be a doctor ( psychiatry) He joined Freud’s discussion group ( 1902) Broke with Freud in 1911- Adler had his own ideas- 1/3 of Freud’s followers left with Adler. Develops his own individual- 1935 moved to the U.S long Island School of
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psych 421- notes #28 - Freudian dissenters- psychoanalytic...

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