psych 421- notes #29 - Karen Horney (1885-1952): German-...

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Karen Horney (1885-1952):- German- born in Germany Felt unloved as a child- dad made her feel worthless M.D in 1913 ( University of Berlin) Emotional crisis as adult- married and has three daughters-> unhappiness- sexual difficulties- lost, stomach pains- 1927-divorced. Interested in psychoanalysis ( training 1914-1918) She’s productive writer, analyst until death in 1952. Published work that was counter to Freud’s ideas- broke from Freud. Horney’s interpersonal psychoanalysis:- She said interpersonal crisis that we seek through our lives, emphasized cultures (socio cultural roles) help shape personality. Provides an early feminist role- she said not biology but social that help shape who we are. Infants dependent on parents- said for security and well- being learn from parents. Ideal situation-> child feels safe and loved Very few people experience the ideal situation- she says if we don’t, we develop Basic anxiety=> feeling of vulnerability and helplessness- child feels unloved- feeling of neurosic. Basic hostility=> anger resulting from neglect and rejection.
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psych 421- notes #29 - Karen Horney (1885-1952): German-...

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