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Adam S Goit MCom 320 Bad News Letter October 18, 2010 Donald Martins 886 Elm Street NW Seattle, WA 98302 Dear Mr. Martins: I am disappointed to hear about your unfortunate circumstances, and I apologize for the stress this situation placed on you and your family. We take great pride in our company as one of the most customer friendly airlines in America. I am sure that this is merely a huge misunderstanding that we can resolve. Thank you for notifying me of this problem. The Christmas season is a very stressful time as you can imagine. The rush and intensity of the travel during this season is indescribable. We do our very best to ensure that everyone has a satisfactory time traveling with us. We have an exceptional rating with the Association for
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Unformatted text preview: Airline Passenger Rights and the Transportation Security Administration. I again apologize to you and your family on behalf of all of us here at MidWest Airlines. I regret to inform you that we cannot issue you a free flight. It is against company policy to give out free flights for any reason. I can, however, provide your frequent flier miles account with some additional points. These extra points will add credit to your account and move you towards a free flight in the future. I hope this small gesture affords you some peace of mind with this dilemma. I hope this issue is resolved for you, and you feel comfortable using our services in the future. Sincerely, John R Smith Regional Manager of Operations MidWest Airlines...
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