Charter - desire for academic excellence. We are driven to...

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Adam Goit 513-316-7756 Joel Anderson 208-570-7253 Celeste Lindeman 732-299-1695 James Shen 801-647-3533 Daniel Duffy 206-290-2474 SIMPLE SOLUTIONS, LLC is much more than a group of students randomly assigned to work together for the upcoming semester. We are committed to becoming an elite team of students! Our aim is to be the best and most productive team while also maintaining a spirit of enthusiasm and unity. We are motivated by our love for knowledge and
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Unformatted text preview: desire for academic excellence. We are driven to be the best, yet we know our greatest chance for success comes as we work as one cohesive unit. Together we will accomplish our goals as we work effectively and efficiently by: Communicating by text/email multiple times through the week Completing all work assignments by the proper deadlines Collaborating on all projects and compromise together Sharing the work load in an equal and appropriate manner Remaining honest and open with each other We will be the best by finding the simple solutions!...
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