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Adam S Goit MCom 320 Good News Letter October 18, 2010 Mr. John Smith Southwest Airlines 2108 Indian School Rd. Phoenix, AZ 85297 Dear Mr. Smith: Congratulations! We have reviewed your application and resume thoroughly since your interview, and have decided to offer you the position of Regional Manager. The last two weeks have been spent in a frenzied search for a new Regional Manager of Operations. Here at MidWest Airlines we believe in always providing the best possible value for the lowest possible price while maintaining a superior service. We believe you are the perfect fit for our company at this time. I firmly believe you are the perfect fit for this position because of your education and previous experiences with airlines. Your degree from BYU is very impressive. Your extensive experience with Delta and Southwest also represents your ability to increase our market position. The
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Unformatted text preview: position also carries some customer relations work at this time. As you recall, we spoke at length during your interview about the recent struggles with customer satisfaction. We have had trouble this season with our airplanes and terminals as well as our staff. The logistics of the airport terminals are nothing new to you, so we will need you to step in and help us find solutions immediately. We also desire at this time to have you prepare a new training packet and tutorials for the front-line employees. We know that many of the current issues will be resolved when proper training is more accessible. Please send your acceptance of this position via email to [email protected] or simply call my office at (480) 345-6789. Sincerely, Adam S Goit CEO MidWest Airlines...
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