Gridiron Locked Out

Gridiron Locked Out - Goit 1 Adam S Goit Gregory Taggart...

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Goit 1 Adam S Goit Gregory Taggart MCom 320 October 29, 2010 Gridiron Locked Out Mediation and compromise are essential components to all good relationships. The National Football League (NFL) is no different. When communication breaks down between the National Football League Players Association (NFLPA) and the NFL owners, history has shown us that the NFL wins. As this season comes to a close and along with it the current collective bargaining agreement (CBA), a lockout for the 2011 season seems inevitable. In lieu of this lockout, fans across the globe are searching for someone blame. The long history of conflict between the NFLPA and the NFL owners proves the Players Association is at fault. The NFLPA is a labor union of players in the NFL and has a long history. The union was formed in 1956 when members of the Green Bay Packers and Cleveland Browns formed a small union 1 . Their primary demands were simple. These players demanded their respective clubs provide and maintain uniforms and equipment, continued salary through players’ injuries and a league-wide salary for all players. The demands later expanded to include a pension, health insurance plan, and payment for exhibition games. In 1966, as the NFL began its merger with the AFL, the NFLPA exercised its influence to try and block the expansion. The NFLPA even went so far as to orchestrate a player strike in 1968. This was of course unsuccessful as the owners declared a lockout and the players were left without income. The players humbly relented and a deal was struck later that year. The NFL had won the fight and completed the merge. The players associations from both leagues remained hostile towards each other until finally combining in
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Gridiron Locked Out - Goit 1 Adam S Goit Gregory Taggart...

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