11) Reforming the System

11) Reforming the System - Reforming the System:...

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Reforming the System: Progressivism Gilded Age: 1877-1890 Progressive Era: 1890-1920 Who were the Progressives? Jane Adams, 1860-1935: decided to reject what was expected of her Teddy Roosevelt, 1858-1919: life marked by physical prowess, instead of succumbing to physical weakness Woodrow Wilson, 1856-1924: rejects becoming a preacher and goes into academics They define the core of progressive movement Generational Movement o Children of the gilded age WASPs (White Anglo Saxon Protestants) o “Ministers of Reform” o Still are devout but apply it to the broader world o Perfectibility of one’s soul, and apply it to everyone Embrace capitalism, but want to make it more perfect-reform o To harmonize and save the system to reform o The pursuit for profit undermines the system o Be less greedy; limit the greed of business owners Middle class expertise o Fundamentally a conservative goal, lays the foundation of modern American liberalism Jane Addams and the Settlement House Movement Toynbee Hall: mansion in east end of London, 1888; dangerous place; middle class reformers provided social services to poor people in the area Hull House is established in 1889 in Chicago; Ellen Gates Star o Start with childcare, huge success
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11) Reforming the System - Reforming the System:...

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