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Chapter2 - Interpersonal Communication Chapter 2...

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Chapter 2 – Interpersonal Communication and Self Interpersonal Communication and Self o Who am I? o Why am I here? o Who are all these others? o Focus on the self Words to know o Self o Self-concept o Attitude o Belief o Value Consciousness of Who You Are o Subjective Self-Awareness I am separated from all that is around me o Objective Self-Awareness I think therefore I am or maybe not… o Symbolic Self-Awareness I can explain to you who I am Your Material Self o Possessions o Home o Body Your Social Self o The part of you that interacts with others Your Spiritual Self o Your internal thoughts and introspection about your values and moral standards How Your Self-Concept Develops o Interactions with others (looking-glass self) o Association with groups o Roles you assume o Self-labels o Your personality Sources of Self-Concept o Social comparisons: how do I compare with my peers? o Other’s images: how do significant others see me? o Your interpretations and evaluations: how I do evaluate my own feelings and behaviors o Cultural teachings: how do I fulfill the teachings of my culture? Self and Emotion: how we influence how we feel
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  • Spring '11
  • Interpersonal Communication Chapter, physiological reaction, Facts and Biological Communication, Self Revealed Self

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Chapter2 - Interpersonal Communication Chapter 2...

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