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Treatment and Therapy Psychotherapy: a general term for the various methods of therapy that aim to improve psychological functioning and promote adjustment to life. Essentials of Psychotherapy Psychotherapy accomplishes its goal by addressing one or more of the following. o Disturbed thoughts o Disturbed emotions o Disturbed behaviors o Interpersonal and life situation difficulties o Biomedical disturbances Myths o There is one best therapy o Therapists can “read minds” o People who go to therapists are crazy or just weak o Only the rich can afford therapy Psychoanalysis Goals and Methods of Freudian Psychoanalysis o Exploring unconscious motives and conflicts Free association – person will come to insight through talking through their issues Transference – a person will project onto the therapist some aspect of his/her life Modern Psychodynamic Therapy o More emphasis on the conscious processes o More direct approach o More on current problems Biomedical Therapies Drugs commonly prescribed o Antipsychotic drugs – schizophrenia o Antidepressant drugs o Tranquilizers o Lithium carbonate – bipolar disorder 40-60% of people with prescription pills do not take them
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TheTreatmentandTherapy - Treatment and Therapy...

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