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Hypotheses Testing of the Means

Hypotheses Testing of the Means - H T for mor e t han...

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Unformatted text preview: H T for mor e t han Populat ionionandarandarDeviat ionVar(Sigma) σ)nownTesting of the Means Populat Stion andar d Unequal T (Sigma Unknown Populat St StSt andar d ion H ion ianceσ KσK Unknown Populat ion d I & d (Pair ed) ion (Sigma ) nown DependentEqual (Sigma σ) CDeviat Deviat for Hypotheses HDeviat Samples T for Var iance I ndependent Samplesions II I I T wo Populat I (t Test ) Test ) (t Test wo ((t Test ))ions (Z (Z ) Test T ) Populat ne Populat ion t TestO (ANOVA) ...
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