psych intro and ch 1

psych intro and ch 1 - harm to us and we might even wish...

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INTRODUCTION What is Psychology? “The scientific study of behavior and mental processes The Scientific Attitude What is the scientific attitude? Skepticism Reliance on evidence Why is a scientific attitude important? Our attention is incomplete Our memories are imperfect Our intuition can be wrong Confidence in a belief does not equal accuracy Popularity of a belief does not equal accuracy What is “flow?” Is it a good thing? Flow is the transcended state where you lose yourself in an activity o Can be a good thing CHAPTER 1 - The Science of Psychology The psychological Frame of Mind: o Critical thinking = process of thinking deeply and actively, asking questions, evaluating evidence. Asking how we know something. Clinical psychologists = specialize in treating/studying psychological disorders Forgiveness = act of letting go of our anger and resentment towards the person who has done something harmful to us. o Through forgiveness we cease taking revenge or avoiding the person who did
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Unformatted text preview: harm to us and we might even wish them well. Wilhelm Wundt o Founded the first psychology lab at the University of Leipzig, Germany o Tried to measure the time it took the human brain/nervous system to translate information into action Structuralism = discovering basic elements or structures of mental processes Emphasized minds components The what of the mind William James o Functionalism = functions/purposes of mind and behavior in individuals adaption to environment. The why of the mind Human interaction with outside world and purpose of thoughts stream of consciousness Scientific Method o Perceiving a question o Forming a hypothesis o Testing the hypothesis o Drawing conclusions o Reporting results Descriptive Methods: methods of observing behavior o Self report o Psychological o Behavioral Happiness Influences...
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psych intro and ch 1 - harm to us and we might even wish...

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