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Fight the urge to think in clever taglines.  Positioning for Effect You might think that a slogan is a modern concept, but the Oxford English Dictionary traces the word back to the year 1513, referring to a battle cry of Scottish Highlanders. The Scottish clans liked their slogans so much they would often display them on their coats of arms. The Donnachaidh clan's slogan was "Fierce when roused." The Cameron clan: "Sons of the hounds, come here and get flesh." Another clan: "Dammit, it's not a dress, it's a kilt." (Just kidding.) Coats of arms are in short supply today, but slogans are everywhere. Politicians coin slogans ("Change you can believe in"; "Country first"), and every state has to have one, such as New Hampshire's "Live free or die." And a few hundred years after the birth of the word "slogan," the corporations raised their banners. The Alka-Seltzer clan's war cry? "Plop, plop, fizz, fizz." The Nike warriors yell, "Just do it." The Viagrans shout, "Fierce when roused." Everyone likes a slogan. They're fun. But here's the catch: What happens if you have something really important to say, but when you open your mouth, what pops out is a snappy snippet, as though you were channeling a 1960s Mad Man? We've seen it, and it ain't pretty.
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