C10.what.not.to.do.wrong GM Ford Chyrsler

C10.what.not.to.do.wrong GM Ford Chyrsler - Strategizing...

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A list of marketing principles, rules and concepts that the Big Three U.S. auto makers appear to have violated rather routinely during the last 35 or so years - The pursuit of meaningful Differentiation Branding – too many Market leadership – 1 st to market Value, benefits Product and Product Development – have not really built enough of what people wanted Quality Reputation Positioning – what does Chrysler stand for? Relationships – everybody thinks car marketers are out to rip them off Environmental trends – ignored – you bet Distribution – too
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Unformatted text preview: Strategizing without considering competitors, strategizing without considering threatening or opportunistic environmental trends Customer intimacy Technological leadership Price leadership Perception The Mind of the Marketplace what brand of car do people want to drive when they grow up? o A ??? , usually not. Strategy no way Receptivity to change /speed or responsiveness to change (you will learn that the fast eat the big in marketing ) Let others Go-First-to-Market, again, again, again. ....
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C10.what.not.to.do.wrong GM Ford Chyrsler - Strategizing...

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