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C10.what.not.to.do.wrong GM Ford Chyrsler

C10.what.not.to.do.wrong GM Ford Chyrsler - •...

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A list of marketing principles, rules and concepts that the Big Three U.S. auto makers appear to have violated rather routinely during the last 35 or so years - The pursuit of meaningful Differentiation Branding – too many Market leadership – 1 st to market Value, benefits Product and Product Development – have not really built enough of what people wanted Quality Reputation Positioning – what does Chrysler stand for? Relationships – everybody thinks car marketers are out to rip them off Environmental trends – ignored – you bet Distribution – too
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Unformatted text preview: • Strategizing without considering competitors, strategizing without considering threatening or opportunistic environmental trends • Customer intimacy • Technological leadership • Price leadership • Perception • The Mind of the Marketplace– what brand of car do people want to drive “when they grow up?” o A ??? , usually not. • Strategy – no way • Receptivity to change /speed or responsiveness to change (you will learn that the “fast eat the big” in marketing ) • Let others Go-First-to-Market, again, again, again. …....
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C10.what.not.to.do.wrong GM Ford Chyrsler - •...

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