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1. IS TIGER FAILING PR 3650? The answer is yes, he and his marketing advisors probably are. From the Web - “The statement, issued by Tiger Woods through his web site on Monday, came as no surprise. Dogged by questions about an early-morning, single-car accident outside his home, Woods announced that he will skip an annual golf tournament he hosts in Thousand Oaks, California, this week. “I’m certain it will be an outstanding event,” he said on Monday, “and I’m very sorry that I can’t be there.” The decision to remain shuttered from public view continues a pattern by golf’s often-private mega star and will likely turn up the volume on a growing controversy. (IT DID .) In refusing to speak publicly, marketing and crisis-management experts say, Woods has failed to learn from high-profile athletes who faced media scrutiny before. (THE MEDIA KEPT DIGGING INTO HIS PAST, AND FROM MINORITY REPORT WE KNOW WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU DIG INTO THE PAST: “YOU GET DIRTY!”) Athletes such as the Los Angeles Lakers’ Kobe Bryant, who faced a sexual-assault charge in 2003. “If you take the long view, I think Kobe Bryant is the best example of how to turn this kind of thing around,” said Michael Gordon of Group Gordon Strategic Communications in New York. Viewed through the prism of what Bryant did right—and what others have done wrong—Gordon believes that Woods “is failing PR 101.” It has been widely reported that Woods was backing out of his driveway at 2:25 a.m. on Friday when his black Cadillac Escalade ran over a fire hydrant and struck a tree in a neighboring yard. His wife, Elin Nordegren, told authorities that she used a golf club to break through a window and remove him from the vehicle. Woods suffered injuries that included cuts to his face. In the absence of further details, the incident has become fodder for supermarket tabloids and the Internet with speculation about Woods having an affair and arguing with his wife. So far, he has responded with brief statements on his web site, saying the accident was “my fault” and “obviously embarrassing,” adding: “This is a private matter and I want to keep it that way.” His comments have raised more questions than they have answered, and he has repeatedly turned away police seeking a follow-up interview. “From a PR point of view, it’s a disaster,” said Ken Sunshine, president of Sunshine, Sachs
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Goes.with.PR.discussion - 1 IS TIGER FAILING PR 3650 The...

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