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Interviewing to Your Best Advantage – Learning to Exploit or Develop Your Soft Skills for Professional Gain. Can you solve problems creatively? Can you communicate idea effectively? Are your team- oriented? Do you show the potential for working successfully on more than one project at a time? Hopefully, the answer to all these questions is yes. These questions generally capture what is commonly known as your personal “soft skills”, i.e., the exact qualities that increasing numbers of employers are seeking and able to demand in today’s hugely competitive employment marketplace. Be (or Become) a Problem-Solver Problem-solving abilities are hugely valued by hiring firms. Firms will never stop being on the lookout for people who are creative problem solvers. Some of the exact firms you would most likely be most interested in working for absolutely will gauge your problem solving skills by asking purposefully tricky questions. For instance, "How many blue cars are there in the United States?" The interviewer will then want to hear how you'd go about reaching an answer. You might respond: "Well, there are about 310 million people in the United States. Perhaps 43 million of them are under 16, and perhaps another 40 million don't have driver's licenses. So there are 225 million people who are eligible or for whom it would be useful to own cars . .. " And you continue until you reach a final answer. The accuracy of the number is as not important as demonstrating to the interviewer the fierce and focused approach you use to tackle tough questions and by extension BHA problems. Most interviewers, thankfully, do not play these Jedi mind games with candidates. Rather, they
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learning.to.interview.effectively.lagniappe - Interviewing...

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