Why does anyone buy any product that is publically consumed

Why does anyone buy any product that is publically consumed...

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Why does anyone buy any product that is publically consumed, i.e., such as clothing? Usually, the answer comes down to one of six reasons: The pursuit of a Higher Social Standing (We want to fit it). The desire (want ) to develop a Personal Brand (Unique items make it easier for others to remember us) that marks us as being different. The desire (want ) to Fit In as one of the group, gang or team (the concerned is, if we don’t have the look, we won’t be accepted). The pursuit of Guilty Pleasures (we simply want cool stuff that looks good). The pursuit of Quality (we want things that last). The pursuit of Value (we want bang for our buck). In general, there are two types of buyers (call these, the two segments that consumers
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Unformatted text preview: could be ‘put in’). • Romantics – this segment can buy for any of the six reasons introduced above, but it is usually reasons 1 through 4 that drive their decisions. • Classics– this segment thinks thrifty, implying that reasons 4 and 5 drive their decision making. Shopping tends to be a chore. When they shop, they tend to have a list and stick to it. In which segment do you belong? And more important in the context of this class, how would you position and brand and create value for your products if you were marketing to Segment 1 ( ‘Romantics’) or Segment 2 (‘Classics’). 1...
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