5 Marketing Lessons From Mr

5 Marketing Lessons From Mr - 5 Marketing Lessons From Mr....

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5 Marketing Lessons From Mr. Rogers BY FC Expert Blogger Sam Ford Tue Sep 28, 2010 This blog is written by a member of our expert blogging community and expresses that expert's views alone. Can you say "branding?" There. I knew ya could.  As my little girl grows up and gets interested in television and "brands" that appeal to her, I can't help but think of those of my own early childhood. The brand she is exposed to the most is Sesame Street : It started with her diapers, moved into plush animals, and has manifested into a full-blown television love, fueled by the show's release of a "Best of. .." of its first 40 years on the air. For me, Sesame Street existed right alongside one of the most revered figures in television history: Fred Rogers. I haven't gotten Ms. Emma Belle any Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood DVDs lined up yet, primarily because there's very little available. (There's a petition circulating with almost 2,000 signatures to get the DVDs released.) However, I have caught some episodes in re-run. And I've been giving a lot of thought to the lessons Mr. Rogers handed down to a young Samuel Earl all those years ago. So, consider this a bit of a refresher course: the lessons marketing can learn from "the neighborhood": 1.) Relationship-Building Trumps Flashiness: It's hard to imagine a children's show getting less flashy than Fred Rogers. Most of the time, it was him directly addressing his viewers. He took us on trips to see a few guests. And he had people stop by. Even his "make-believe world" was of the decidedly low-tech sort. Yet, I don't remember ever feeling bored when spending time with Mr. Rogers, because he replaced that flashiness by building an honest relationship with his viewers, by making the show constantly address "our" concerns. ..at least as best a television personality might do in the days of a one-way medium. 2.) Don't Promise More Intimacy than You Can Deliver:
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5 Marketing Lessons From Mr - 5 Marketing Lessons From Mr....

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