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Quainat Zaman HW#8 March 13, 2011 ACT-4HAIR PAIRS 1. The probability of red hair is 7.6% 2. The probability of fair hair is 53% 3. The probability is 95.6% AS2-234-37 ARTS AND CRAFTS SALES 1. There are six possible outcomes because if three customers come in and each buys one thing, that would be 6 possibilities 2. The possibility would be 60% 3. The assumption in part b was that all 3 customers buy something, however, it is unrealistic because it can be rare that three consecutive customers don’t buy an item AS2-245-41 SHOOTING FREE THROWS 1. The probability of two free throws is 30% because .6 * .5 is 30%.
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Unformatted text preview: 2. The probability of making 2 free throws is 30%, and the probability of not making either is 60%. 3. The results are independent because the free throws may not be consecutive. D13-380-15 SPEEDERS 1. The reasoning with that is wrong because two speeds can not be accurate when they are so rapidly travelling. WE7-227-59 OIL SPILLS 1. The probability is 17.4% 2. The probability is 26.3% 3. The probability is 68.3% BS3-248-29: M&Ms 1. A red M&M is 22% 2. A blue M&M is 33% 3. A yellow M&M is 44% 4. A non-yellow M&M is 55%...
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