Customer - #include"stdstuff.h#include"Customer.h Your...

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#include "stdstuff.h" #include "Customer.h" # // Your method implementations go here. // the constructor creates a customer with id 10, total 0, date 1 1 2011 and name "default" Customer::Customer() { id = 10; total = 0; purchDate = Date(1,1,2011); custName = "default"; } Customer::Customer(int id, double total, const Date &purchase, const String2002 if (id<1||id>1000||total<0||purchase.compareTo(1,1,2000)==-1|| purchase.compareTo(12,31,2015)==1||name.length()<1 || name.length()>20){ *this = student(); quit("Customer::Customer - invalid Customer.\n"); } Customer::id=id; Customer::total=total; Customer::purchase=purchase; Customer::name=name; } int Customer::getID () const{ return id; } double Customer::getTotal () const{ return total; } Date Customer::getDate () const{ return purcjase; } String2002 Customer::getName () const{ return name; } void Customer::print() const{ cout << setiosflags(ios::fixed|ios::showpoint); cout << setprecision(2); // to get 2 decimal places for total
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This note was uploaded on 03/13/2011 for the course SYSC 2002 taught by Professor Unknown during the Spring '07 term at Carleton.

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Customer - #include"stdstuff.h#include"Customer.h Your...

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