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#include "stdstuff.h" #include "CustomerDB.h" # // the constructor creates an empty database CustomerDB::CustomerDB() { numCusts=0; // no customer yet (so nothing goes in the ci array) } // returns the number of customers in the database int CustomerDB::getNumCusts() const { return numCusts; } // add a new customer to the database; returns true if successful, false otherwise // (database full or customer already exists) bool CustomerDB::add(int id, double total, const Date &purchase, const String2002 if(numCusts==MAXCUST) return false; // database is full for(int i=0;i<numCusts;i++) { if(ci[i].id==id) return false; // Customer already in database } // insert Customer at end ci[numCusts].id = id; ci[numCusts].total = total; ci[numCusts].purchDate = purchase; ci[numCusts].custName = name; numCusts++; // we've added a Customer return true; // success } // remove a customer from the database; returns true if successful, false otherwise (customer // does not exist) bool CustomerDB::remove(int id) { for(int i=0;i<numCusts;i++) { if(ci[i].id==id) { // found it numCusts--; ci[i] = ci[numCusts]; // decrement number of customers and move last one into ith pos'n return true; // Customer removed } } return false; // Customer does not exist in database } // prints the full customer database (or a note if the database is empty);
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CustomerDB - #include &quot;stdstuff.h&quot; # #include...

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