CustomerDB - #include"stdstuff.h#include"Date.h c class...

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#include "stdstuff.h" #include "Date.h" # class CustomerDB { c private: // "customer" is the struct containing the customer information // it is made up of id (an integer) and total (a double) struct customer{ int id; double total; Date purchDate; String2002 custName; }; enum {MAXCUST=100}; // another way of declaring an int const // Hint: make MAXCUST much smaller to test filling the database // the old fields of the customerDB struct are now fields in our class customer ci[MAXCUST]; // the array of customer information int numCusts; // the number of customers currently in the database public: // Your methods go here. Remember to describe each method (i.e. comments!) // and use "const" where appropriate. // the constructor creates an empty database CustomerDB(); // returns the number of customers in the database int getNumCusts() const; // add a new customer to the database; returns true if successful, false otherwise // (database full or customer already exists)
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CustomerDB - #include"stdstuff.h#include"Date.h c class...

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