MATH 1004A - Course outline - 20090913

MATH 1004A - Course outline - 20090913 - Carleton...

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Carleton University – School of Mathematics & Statistics MATH 1004A – Fall 2009 Course Outline INSTRUCTOR: Luc Bourbonnais EMAIL: E-mail system in WebCT OFFICE: HP 5218 (extension 8999) CLASS SCHEDULE: Class Times: Monday and Wednesday 14:30-16:00, Azrieli Theatre, 301 September 14, 2009 – December 7, 2009 Tutorial/Test Times: Thursday 8:30-9:30 Section Room TA A1 Southam Hall 406 Gains, David (dgains) A2 Southam Hall 318 Zhuo, Lan (lzhuo) A3 Southam Hall 306 Wan Abd Rahman, Wan Mohd Ashrul (wmawarah) A4 Loeb Building B146 Crann, Jason (jcrann) Office Hours: Prior to lectures, from 1:30 to 2:30 TEXTBOOK: Calculus (and its Applications) , by Angelo B. Mingarelli (includes complete Solutions Manual). Available as a free e-book on Prof. Mingarelli’s Website: PREREQUISITES: Do get advice from the instructor or from the Mathematics Undergraduate Advisor, Dept. of Math. & Stats. EVALUATION: Your final grade will be calculated either as: (i) A: = Term Mark out of 40% + Final Examination Mark out of 60% ; OR, (ii) B: = Final Examination Mark out of 100% whichever is the highest. In other words, your final course grade is the larger of the two numbers A and B above. TERM MARK: The term mark will be derived from: 5 term tests (we choose the best 3/5, for 30/40) AND 10% for attendance: at classes (5%) and tutorials (5%). Note : The "best 3 of 5" rule allows the students to miss some of the term tests for any reason (medical or otherwise). In other words, under normal circumstances, if a student misses a test for a medical or other reason then the best 3 out of 5 tests are still chosen. Only under highly exceptional circumstances will a test be postponed to a later date. Course Policies Official Communication (outside of class time) : This course will be supported by the WebCT course management system. Any announcements and notices for this course will be posted on WebCT. Students are expected to check WebCT on a regular basis to access these announcements and notices. A variety of resources will be made available through WebCT – including course notes, solutions to some exercises,
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MATH 1004A - Course outline - 20090913 - Carleton...

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