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Based on Intercultural Conflict Style Inventory, Asian and Southeast Asian included Indonesia cultural patterns are found predominately  within the Accomodation style. The Accomodation style, emphasizes an indirect approach for dealing with area of disagreement and a more  emotionallly restrained or controlled manner for dealing with each party’s emotional response to conflict. This style emphasizes ambiguity  and circumlocution in language use in order to insure that a conflict does not “get out of control”. Maintaining emotional calm and reserve is  essential to this style because it enables interpersonal harmony to counter relationally damaging disagreement among the parties. This style  views intense expressions of emotion as potentially dangerous and generally inhibitory toward effective conflict resolution processes. Indirect 
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Unformatted text preview: speech, use of stories and methapors, reliance on third party intermediaries, and minimizing the level of conflict present among t! he parties are all specific Accomodation style strategies. Understanding is becoming a key word to resolve conflicts, as each individual in organization should be able to understand the culture of the organization, notice new patterns- language as an indicator, develop a clear perspective or open perspective, create "safe" environment for others, generate energy with coaching and building self-esteem; ability to bring energy into a room, learn forever. They also must be able to see what's coming and what's leaving so you can make choices faster; faster response time....
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