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D UC H OANG – M ANAGEMENT P ROCESS R ESEARCH PAPER 1: C USTOMER R ELATIONSHIP M ANAGEMENT The whole business world has been compared to a melting iceberg due to its uncertainty and rapid transformation. The point that the iceberg is melting does not imply collapse of this world. Business, however, is changing so rapidly that no one can foretell its future. Technology has played a great role in developing business in all every field. Each business organization depends on an understanding the relationship of customers and suppliers, which creates and maintains customer satisfaction. Moreover, all business suppliers communicate with their clients in various ways using different technologies which affect their ability to be more successful than others. Internet and other computer technologies nowadays enhance suppliers’ ability to maintain customers’ satisfaction and develop good relationships with their clients to be effective in their businesses. Customer Relationships Management (CRM) has been defined as the strategic plan of information, processes, procedures and technology to manage the customer's relationships with the suppliers. (Jessup and Valacich 2008, 329). According to Buttle, CRM can be classified into three main levels namely Strategic CRM, Operational CRM and Analytical CRM. (Buttle F. 2004, 9) The first level is Strategic CRM concentrating on the development of the businesses for the benefit of the customers. Operational CRM is the upper level focusing on the automation of customers’ tasks. The last one is Analytical CRM, whose job is analyzing customers’ behaviors to support decision making.
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Recently, the CRM system has been used in many companies around the world to enhance their businesses. Customers would be satisfied when a business gives good service to customers in a short period of time. An example of this is the famous online shopping website lets the customer browse through popular items that have been purchased by people who have similar preferences to him/her. Some people assert that CRM systems are too expensive to implement and cannot provide solutions of customer problems. In fact, the CRM system is time-consuming and costly to implement and maintain. For instance, many companies purchase technology which does not always provide the solution to their
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