Major philosophical issue

Major philosophical issue - • Service Providers o...

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Major philosophical issue Free will: behavior caused by individual’s independent decision making Determinism: everything observed caused behavior => fully predictable Mind-body problem: o Dualism: mind separate but controls brain o Monism: not separate from brain o Research PET, fMRI: brain activity and mental activity are same Nature-Nurture: o Nature: genes, phenotype o Nurture: environment => learning, cultures…. Psychology Profession: Beyond Bachelor degree: Master or Ph.D or Psy.D Majors: o Biological Psychology (neuroscience): explain behavior in terms of biological factors: drugs, genetics… o Evolutionary Psychology: nature selection pressure that promotes behavior o Learning and Motivation: outcomes of past behavior and current motivation o Cognitive Psychology: thinking, memory and acquiring knowledge o Developmental Psychology: changes of age o Social Psychology: others’ influence
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Unformatted text preview: • Service Providers o Clinical psychology: research-practicioner o Psychiatric and social worker: o Psychoanalysts: treatment based on theories and methods of Freud o Counseling psychologists: educational, vocational, marriage health. o Forensic psychologists: criminal justice o Industrial/organizational psychologists: in workplace o School psychologists: students from kindergarten to secondary History: • First lab: Wundt 1879 • Edwards Tichener : student of Wundt, founder of Cornell University Psychology Department o Liquor and Structuralism • William James: Principles of Psychology; Functionalism • Darwin: the origin of species, the descent of human • Behaviorism: concentrates on observable, measurable behaviors and not mental process • Mary Calkins: first woman in psychology • First useful intelligence test: 1905 alfred binet...
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Major philosophical issue - • Service Providers o...

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