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Duc Hoang – Intercultural Communication Chapter 1 Discussion 1: United States is a multicultural nation in which there are currently nearly 70 percent European American, 13 percent Latino, about 12 percent African American, 4 percent is Asian American and 1 percent Native American. This picture is however changing unpredictably due to the influence of a large number of immigrants. European American came to the United States, and dominated the workforce. Accordingly, they “stole” job opportunities from the American- born workers. How is this going to change in the future when non-European immigrants are expected to be the majority of U.S. population? Statistics show that in 2003, more than 50 percent of the immigrants came from Latin America, and 25 percent from Asia. Asian Americans are showing their potential to be the lead workers with their hard-working nature. Immigrants from South and Central America also have their strength in flexibility and patience. U.S. government so far has had no attempt to block the entrance to reduce immigration. Therefore, it
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communication1 - Duc Hoang Intercultural Communication...

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