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Lashundra_Jones_Unit 6 Project - 1 Unit 6 Project Lashundra...

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1 Unit 6 Project Lashundra T. Jones Kaplan University SC300-09 Professor Morris November 23, 2010
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2 On any given day an individual might consume a number of food products. But have you ever stopped to think for a moment about where the food you eat comes from and how it might affect the economy or the ecological system. Well I did; I took two of my meals and dissected them just to see where my meals come from. The first meal we will look at is breakfast; it consisted of a bowl of oatmeal and a cup of strawberries and a glass of orange juice. The second meal was a grill chicken spinach salad and a bottle of water. I was able to purchase all of my items at a Super Wal-Mart. While most of the product I consumed was grown in the United States there are plenty of food items that are imported from other countries such as different types of cheese, wine, seafood and vegetables. The spinach that I had for my salad was grown in California but what most people are not aware of is that spinach actually originated in what is now call Iran and is also native to Asia as well. The grill chicken that I added to the salad was from the well known Perdue Farm which is located in the upper eastern part of the United States. The oats that were used to make my oatmeal came from a company by the name of Quaker, it originated in the northern part of the United States (, 2010.) The strawberries that I had were grown in California and the sugar that I used in my oatmeal is actually from Florida. I had no idea that sugar canes were grown right here in the state of Florida. If I were to consider the chain of events that took the products to get from the farm to my
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Lashundra_Jones_Unit 6 Project - 1 Unit 6 Project Lashundra...

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