Lashundra Jones_MT302_Unit_9_Assignment

Lashundra Jones_MT302_Unit_9_Assignment - Lashundra T....

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Unformatted text preview: Lashundra T. Jones MT302 Organizational Behavior Unit Nine: Case Incident 2 No bosses at W.L. Gore & Associates Date: April 25, 2010 1 1. I would characterize Gores company as being an organic model with some what matrix structure but a little bit better organized. He has a boundary less organization by eliminating hierarchy all together. It might influence his strategy in the fact that his company listens to every employees. Also he has created the ability to facilitate coordination when the organization has a multiplicity of complex and interdependent activities. 2. Someone that is not use to no particular person being in charge would probably be lost at first, take Diane Davidson in our reading; she stated that she was bewildered at first and it took her sometime getting use to not knowing who the actual boss was. But she was more opening minded and able to accept the set of the company. But if you have a close minded individual that is for lack of a better word stuffy and up tight or obsessive compulsive behavior; they might not...
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Lashundra Jones_MT302_Unit_9_Assignment - Lashundra T....

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