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Unit 3: Case Incident 2 Lashundra Jones MT302 Organizational Behavior Unit Three: Case Incident 2 Whistle Blowers: Saints or Sinners Date: March 16, 2010 1
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Unit 3: Case Incident 2 1. I feel whistle-blowing is very good for a company. It may put them in a bad light or a short period of but it also discourages employees as well as executives from doing the wrong thing. I think companies should be happy to know that they have employees with such strong work ethics and dominant work values such as honesty and a sense of loyalty to the company. However David Stetler it best when he stated that it could become a way for a disgruntle worker to extort money from the company. Especially if the employee has a grudge with the company or feels they are not getting paid what they are worth . 2. The self-fulfilling prophecy might affect a whistle-blower’s search for incriminating evidence in the fact that many employees will not want to get involved. This because of the expectations that the manager or owner has of them. They may feel like they are letting the company down by
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LashundraJones_MT302_Unit_3_Assignment - Unit 3 Case...

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