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Lashundra Jones_ SC300_Project 2

Lashundra Jones_ SC300_Project 2 - Earthquakes Beginning...

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Earthquakes: Beginning Prepared 1 Earthquakes: Beginging Prepared and Predicting Them Lashundra T. Jones Kaplan University SC300-09 Professor Morris November 5, 2010
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Earthquakes: Beginning Prepared 2 Earthquakes: Begining Prepared and Predicting Them You’re at home watching television with your family and the house and everything in it begins to shake. For many parts of the western region of the United States the shakes are a normal occurrence. These shakes are called earthquakes and can range from a magnitude of less than 2.0 all the way to one that can be greater than 9.0. A quake of 5.0 or better can be devastating in some area while leaving a path of aftershocks that can be felt as far as 30 miles away. Earthquakes occur when the hypocenter of to plates become unstuck and start to shift. If they shift too much an earthquake takes place. There are many thing that we know about and earthquake from where the epic center is (which is where the quake started), to how strong the earthquake was. However scientists have yet to develop any kind of machine or technology that could tell them when or where an earthquake was getting ready to happen. The patterns that I saw according to the USGS maps is that the distribution of earthquakes across the continental US is that while the east coast has experienced fewer earthquakes with low magnitudes. On the other hand the west coast has experienced about five times more earthquakes with higher magnitudes. Once I located my home on the map I found that on the scale that relates the relative risk of an earthquake to my area was represented by the color gray. This means there are some risk but not as many as those living in California, especially those living near the San Andreas fault planes. In fact most of the quakes that took place in the eastern had magnitudes less than a 3.0. The western coast had a very high magnitude which in fact coincides with the distribution patterns of the earthquakes around the world. The
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Lashundra Jones_ SC300_Project 2 - Earthquakes Beginning...

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