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Lashundra Jones_ Unit 3 Assignment_LS311

Lashundra Jones_ Unit 3 Assignment_LS311 - civil tort In...

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We are all familiar with the O.J. Simpson case at which Mr. Simpson was acquitted of all murder charges but later was charged for the same crime in a civil suit. The V Amendment guarantees that no citizens will be charged twice for the same criminal crime. This is called the double jeopardy, however, it is possible for a defendant to be tried in a criminal court and then be tried in a civil court. An example of this would be the criminal prosecution for a homicide and then a second trial for the same defendant for a
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Unformatted text preview: civil tort. In the Armington v. Jennings case, Armington was charged and convicted for armed robbery and assault and battery. Well Jennings can now go into civil court and file suit, then a second prosecution in a federal court under the federal staute such as civil rights violation or a malicious intent. So in all actuality Armington is not being charged twice for the crime they are just using the same crime as a bases for the defense. Other cases that have proven that Armington is incorrect would be...
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