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Lashundra Jones_Unit 1 Assignment_HR400 - Professional...

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Professional Development Activity Lashundra T. Jones Kaplan University HR400-01 Professor Hill July 31, 2010
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Civilian non institutional labor force, LF 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 Increase Total Labor Force 156,083 157,502 158,875 160,109 161,304 162,493 163,642 1,120,00 8 # of increase 2,908,00 0 4,327 5,700 6,934 8,129 9,318 10,467 % of increase 1.9 2.82 3.72 4.53 5.31 6.1 6.83 This table represents the growth of the labor force for the next 7 years. As you can see that while it has been a study increase, the increases has not been that significant. This leads us to believe that the candidate pool upon which we recruit from will be very small. There will be more companies that qualified candidates to choose from. Our goal or objective is to find ways that will help us recruit and retain qualified employees. To do that we would have to understand the impact of globalization, the companies social responsibility and what an employee is looking for in a company. Once those areas have been considered; we then must develop a strategic compensation plan.
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Lashundra Jones_Unit 1 Assignment_HR400 - Professional...

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