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Lashundra Jones_Unit 4 Assignment_MT221 - Unit 4 Assignment...

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Unit 4 Assignment Lashundra Jones Kaplan University MT221-01 Professor Bourne August 23, 2010
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Excellent customer service is the difference between keeping a customer or watching them walk out the door upset and never doing business again with your company. What could you have done differently? How could you have helped the customer while still benefiting the company? Let’s examine these questions as well as others in the following scenario. It was a Saturday in early March, when a gentleman was approaching the store. I could tell by his posture and the expression on his face that this was not a happy customer. So before he arrived in the store I tried to give myself a peep talk to keep a positive attitude. But all of that quickly changed once the customer approached the counter. The customer proceeded to throw a jewelry box on the counter with a diamond tennis bracelet in it and demanded he wanted his money back RIGHT NOW! Now before I could even get a word edge wise; he then start to insult me, attacking me personally and calling me incompetent. At that point I was about to lose it, and it did not matter to me that he was acting this way because he was very upset at how the diamond kept falling out of the bracelet and the lock is not sturdy. The gentleman also stated that he would never do business with us again. Now there is a wrong way and a right way to handle this
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Lashundra Jones_Unit 4 Assignment_MT221 - Unit 4 Assignment...

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